The Law Office of Janelle M. Lewis

Fostering Global Entrepreneurship by           Creating A Bridge Across the Atlantic


The Law Office of Janelle M. Lewis is more than just a law practice - it is a legal and international consulting practice that provides global entrepreneurs with the tools they need to expand or establish their businesses to the U.S. 

With an ever changing world where yesterday's jobs no longer exist today, entrepreneurial innovation has paved the way in creating new industries and new jobs. The recent economic crisis that plagued the global economy has propelled entrepreneurs to create new opportunities. 

Stirred by this movement of global entrepreneurship taking speed throughout the world, the Law Office of Janelle M. Lewis has established itself as a new type of law practice that incorporates legal and international consulting services to facilitate global expansion of foreign entrepreneurs to the U.S. market. 

The Law Office of Janelle M. Lewis also serves U.S. Entrepreneurs whose international business activities are impacted by EU Data Protection and Privacy laws including GDPR, the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield and the Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield, so that they can maintain compliance with international laws and regulations. 

The mission of the Law Office of Janelle M. Lewis is to "create a bridge across the Atlantic" so that global entrepreneurs can cross whatever path they need to be able to successfully operate their businesses in the global environment.