Creating a Bridge Across the Atlantic U.S. Legal Information Portal for Entrepreneurs

Sometimes you need legal information before you need legal advice.


Before entrepreneurs can decide to get legal advice for their businesses, they need to be informed. Information is power and getting the information you need gives you the power to make informed decisions for your company and whether or not you need legal advice or representation for your business needs.

Yes, you can probably perform a search online, but what do you search? How are you efficiently utilizing your time when you are searching for answers to your legal questions? And when you find an answer, how do you know it is correct? Do you know which sources to trust and which to pass over?

With these problems in mind, the Law Office of Janelle M. Lewis introduces the new service: "Creating a Bridge Across the Atlantic Legal Information Portal for Entrepreneurs." The Portal allows all types of entrepreneurs to ask legal questions they have on U.S. laws as it relates to their business endeavors.

How it works:

Questions on U.S. laws are submitted via the portal and reviewed within 48 hours - if they can be appropriately answered, they will be accepted and you will get a price quote,with a contract regarding the perimeters of the service and a brief outline of your answer. If you accept, you will receive the answer(s) to your questions within 72 hours.

What type of legal questions can you ask?

Any question on U.S. laws. Once submitted, question(s) are reviewed to determine whether they can be appropriately answered, so any legal question you have on U.S. law can be submitted. This does not mean all questions will be answered, but every inquiry will be responded to, informing you whether or not your question(s) can be answered.

Is this legal advice?

No. This is not legal advice and no attorney-client relationship will be formed by using this service. The purpose of this service is to provide legal information, by stating what the law in the context of your specific question. While the law will not be applied to your specific situation (as happens in legal advising), you will be given answers to your legal questions so that you can understand the law as it relates to your business and determine if you need to seek an attorney to get legal advice. 

Benefits of using Creating a Bridge Across the Atlantic Legal Information Portal:

  • Guidance when you need it

    • Searching for unfamiliar information can be both frustrating and a waste of time. Knowing where to start can be daunting and when you do find information, knowing whether you can trust it adds another level of unnecessary stress. 

  • Saving time and ultimately money

    • While there are online services that provide you with access to legal research resources, they do no synthesize it for your consumption. This means you have to spend the time and money (if you believe time is money) researching, reading, analyzing and then finally synthesizing the information in order to get your answers you need to then determine if you should seek legal advice or representation for your business needs. 

  • Having the information you need to determine if you need to seek legal advice

    • Legal advice and representation can be costly. Most times, it is a cost that must be borne. However, sometimes you need legal information before you can seek legal advice and make the needed investment for your business needs. 


If want to submit a legal question(s) on U.S. law, please complete the form below and you will be sent an email within 48 hours to let you know if your question(s) can be answered and next steps, if applicable. 

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